Prevent theft of computer With ROUTER Alarm by wireless (or cable) cut-off

Build in an airport-connection ALARM into the router - when a computer is moved or closed (loses its IP), the alarm goes off.

Works via MAC-address recognition.

A background app running, (which stays open upon quit), and signing out with the right code dismantles the alarm for this computer.

Signing on to the router would be automatic - correct MAC-address connects the alarm

Computers unknown to the router get no alarms.

IDEAL for systems with always-on policy, eg. notebooks in a home, servers etc.

idea: Kenneth Krabat 28th of March 2010

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Blogger kenneth krabat sagde ...

IF the computer crashes, the ALARM sounds, until the computer is back up. Or MAC is recognised.

That is annoying.

Maybe reporting activity via pings to a certain port, ie. to allow disconnect, when in active use.

29. mar. 2010 10.00  

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