My Science Fiction in print

Will I keep this updated?
Naturally I will keep this list updated. No one else does it for me!
And it’s a pleasure, once something is in print. 🙂
(updated May 2020)

Afståelsens Veje (Avenues of Riddance) – An inheritance forces the protagonist to choose between her always-on-always-now network and a future also containing the past.

as Avenues of Riddance in the anthology, Around the world in more than 80 SF stories, (epub, EN, 2017 Tyskland)

as Afståelsens Veje as ?? in the anthology Rund um die Welt in mehr als 80 SF-Geschichten, (paper, DE, 2016)

Bombens Bagside (The Hindside of the Bomb) – Disarming the recent bomb in a line of bombs directed at the Nationalistic majority despite disagreeing with their hold on the country – and what was also in the unexploded briefcase.

Taken for publication (2020) in a Swedish (now) online magazine for popular culture,

Den snublende klovn, den følgende nar (The stumbling clown, the following fool) – When simple survival is not enough.

in the magazine Himmelskibet #55, (2018,

Dræbersneglen fra Venus (the Killer Snail from Venus) Continue reading “My Science Fiction in print”