The World Council of 12.12.21

The World Council of 12.12.21*

On an internet page in a forum-like environment make a Claim of concern affecting everyone, as you see it. Then pin-point your cause for alarm with your choice of evidence, give advice as to a solution and have the rest of the world contest or support it.

This is a World Council.


IF you are interested in developing this idea, or you want to use the idea, please pool your energies with your peers. I will gladly work with you, if the frame stays as simple as below: “A Body of Advice”, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to just develop the idea as a National Body of Advice, or a local, company, or institutional BoA, be my guest.

krabat at menneske dot dk


TWC, The World Council of 12.12.21

TWC is not a World Government, it is a Council. A Body of Advice consisting of all the people in the world interested in arguing the importance and relevance of a specific conflict, occurrence, plan or methodology to the World as a whole – a CLAIM pin-pointed to and argued by a named individual.

Location: Web server

Access: All

Participant Claim [in a forum like over-view, but very easy to get the gist of every single-line entry]:

– Name the essence of your claim [eg. Palo Alto dam, Locust, AIDS, Child Soldiers, Fascism, Internet LockDown, X-country, Education, US Security Policy, Crude Oil etc.] Be very precise.

– Brief Synopsis [(Locusts) ”in Sudan”, (Fascism) ”on the March i X-country”, (Education) ”is more important than food as seen over time”, (X-country): ”War is brewing, oil threatened”, etc] Be personal, but global in mind.

– Country of origin of the Claim [if relevant]

– Year/date of Claim

– Year(/date) of origin of Claim

– Claim in brief [reason for relevance to the whole world]

– Evidence [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc. in links]

evidence synopsis [”Finds pointing to connection between …”, ”Sartre’s position on the matter, etc] You don’t have to prove all and everything; just point to the matter with a relevant explanation and let the rest of the world do theirs.

– Advice [in brief]

— suggested solution

— perceived consequences of your Advice

— requisites of execution of Advice

timeframe until Claim resolved at best

– Opposition to Claim [in brief]

— Evidence to the opposite [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc]

— [no advice from opposition, but the option to make a counterclaim][Possibly deleting opposition? See below.]

– Support of Claim [in brief]

— Evidence to support [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc]

— [no advice from opposition, but the option to make a counterclaim][Possibly deleting opposition? See below.]

– Counter-Claim

— It is better to state you own Claim, if you absolutely disagree with a Claim, rather than argue inside a Claim-thread.



– you earn more characters to describe support or opposition with (initially 500?)

– you will be peer reviewed on a scale from 1 to 99 – based on:

  • from realistic to hogwash;
  • relevance to the world at large;
  • timeframe realistic;
  • requisites realistic;
  • WAS it support or really a counterclaim

— your claim is greyed out on global view, if relevance falls below a threshold relevant to the Globe, but stays visible within your national ISP-sphere (VPN permitted?)

– only 6 claims a year the first year for all

— if rating rises above xx, more claim reports are awarded from the second year and on.

– reviews of a claim will show to be from supporters or opposition[possibly via a 2 or 3D clickable matrix rather than separate click boxes]

– If you make a counterclaim, your voiced opposition to a claim is greyed out.

— [how make connection between opposition to a claim and actual counterclaim?][Is it necessary to grey out opposition? Possibly to reduce info load for users?]

– A Claim is never “right” or “wrong”. A Claim is initially considered an opinion from a concerned member of the Human Species regarding local/National initiatives of importance or immanent danger to all humans. Peers can come to regard a Claim as of lesser importance/not immediately relevant to the Globe, or as too subjective or just plain silly, or as trolling – all expressed in review by numbers as stated above.


FIXED TAGS, only a few pr. claim (preferably just one?)




















* The World Council of 12.12.21 – I believe the world is NOT coming to an end, but a fresh beginning could take its course from this date. You know – sympathetic magic:

Input fear, get fear.
Input positivity, get positivity.

Very simple.