At brænde broerne: Link tax, Linkskat, Linkbetaling, Linkafgift

Alle verdens nationer forstår billedet af den brændende bro.

I EU lægges op til at stemme om indførelse af en link-afgift til rettighedshaverne. Dette vil få uoprettelige konsekvenser for den personlige frihed, for kreativ tænkning, personlig, erhvervsmæssig og national fremdrift, og ikke mindst for den nuværende (om end kaotiske) oplæring af alle internetmenneskers evner til at begå sig blandt andre digitalt og følgelig også i den fysiske virkelighed. opfordrer til, at man fortæller sine nationale repræsentanter i EU, at man ikke er interesseret. Ikke mindst fordi EU-kommissionen komplet har ignoreret al modstand fra berørte og interesserede borgere og fra professionelle af enhver slags. For ikke at tale om, at Link Tax går imod the European Charter of Fundamental rights, som beskytter alle EU-borgeres rettigheder. Continue reading “At brænde broerne: Link tax, Linkskat, Linkbetaling, Linkafgift”

global parliament

the global parliament, or Earth Forum, is an idea I have entertained for a few years. In 2012 I called it World Council, (tumblr) (1000stemmer), which in brief was an idea to centralise a fact-gathering of global worries as topics for locals, professionals and other interested to comment on.

I realise I am not the only one speculating in the direction of a community driven council to the people of Earth, but with recent and sudden changes in global stressors I was inspired to finalise a framework comparable to community service.

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Breatharian; at leve uden at spise eller drikke

Tillid er godt, men er det et overlevelsestræk? Kan man overleve at have tillid til ikke at spise eller drikke?

Da Ernalise Royer, efter vi ikke havde mødtes igennem nogle år, tog imod invitationen til receptionen på min 50-års fødselsdag, gjorde hun mig klart, at hun arbejdede hen imod at blive breatharian og derfor kun spiste frugt. Jeg blev nysgerrig efter at vide, hvordan et menneske forholder sig til så omvæltende en forestillig som IKKE at indtage føde eller vand. Ernalise indvilligede i at lave et email-interview.
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The World Council of 12.12.21

The World Council of 12.12.21*

On an internet page in a forum-like environment make a Claim of concern affecting everyone, as you see it. Then pin-point your cause for alarm with your choice of evidence, give advice as to a solution and have the rest of the world contest or support it.

This is a World Council.


IF you are interested in developing this idea, or you want to use the idea, please pool your energies with your peers. I will gladly work with you, if the frame stays as simple as below: “A Body of Advice”, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to just develop the idea as a National Body of Advice, or a local, company, or institutional BoA, be my guest.

krabat at menneske dot dk


TWC, The World Council of 12.12.21

TWC is not a World Government, it is a Council. A Body of Advice consisting of all the people in the world interested in arguing the importance and relevance of a specific conflict, occurrence, plan or methodology to the World as a whole – a CLAIM pin-pointed to and argued by a named individual.

Location: Web server

Access: All

Participant Claim [in a forum like over-view, but very easy to get the gist of every single-line entry]:

– Name the essence of your claim [eg. Palo Alto dam, Locust, AIDS, Child Soldiers, Fascism, Internet LockDown, X-country, Education, US Security Policy, Crude Oil etc.] Be very precise.

– Brief Synopsis [(Locusts) ”in Sudan”, (Fascism) ”on the March i X-country”, (Education) ”is more important than food as seen over time”, (X-country): ”War is brewing, oil threatened”, etc] Be personal, but global in mind.

– Country of origin of the Claim [if relevant]

– Year/date of Claim

– Year(/date) of origin of Claim

– Claim in brief [reason for relevance to the whole world]

– Evidence [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc. in links]

evidence synopsis [”Finds pointing to connection between …”, ”Sartre’s position on the matter, etc] You don’t have to prove all and everything; just point to the matter with a relevant explanation and let the rest of the world do theirs.

– Advice [in brief]

— suggested solution

— perceived consequences of your Advice

— requisites of execution of Advice

timeframe until Claim resolved at best

– Opposition to Claim [in brief]

— Evidence to the opposite [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc]

— [no advice from opposition, but the option to make a counterclaim][Possibly deleting opposition? See below.]

– Support of Claim [in brief]

— Evidence to support [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc]

— [no advice from opposition, but the option to make a counterclaim][Possibly deleting opposition? See below.]

– Counter-Claim

— It is better to state you own Claim, if you absolutely disagree with a Claim, rather than argue inside a Claim-thread.



– you earn more characters to describe support or opposition with (initially 500?)

– you will be peer reviewed on a scale from 1 to 99 – based on:

  • from realistic to hogwash;
  • relevance to the world at large;
  • timeframe realistic;
  • requisites realistic;
  • WAS it support or really a counterclaim

— your claim is greyed out on global view, if relevance falls below a threshold relevant to the Globe, but stays visible within your national ISP-sphere (VPN permitted?)

– only 6 claims a year the first year for all

— if rating rises above xx, more claim reports are awarded from the second year and on.

– reviews of a claim will show to be from supporters or opposition[possibly via a 2 or 3D clickable matrix rather than separate click boxes]

– If you make a counterclaim, your voiced opposition to a claim is greyed out.

— [how make connection between opposition to a claim and actual counterclaim?][Is it necessary to grey out opposition? Possibly to reduce info load for users?]

– A Claim is never “right” or “wrong”. A Claim is initially considered an opinion from a concerned member of the Human Species regarding local/National initiatives of importance or immanent danger to all humans. Peers can come to regard a Claim as of lesser importance/not immediately relevant to the Globe, or as too subjective or just plain silly, or as trolling – all expressed in review by numbers as stated above.


FIXED TAGS, only a few pr. claim (preferably just one?)




















* The World Council of 12.12.21 – I believe the world is NOT coming to an end, but a fresh beginning could take its course from this date. You know – sympathetic magic:

Input fear, get fear.
Input positivity, get positivity.

Very simple.