One Voice Less

A very very loong list of scifi and fantasy in development (2018).

(Almost) Every Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Comic Book Adaptation in the Works

For some, probably the dream of imaginings – for others, maybe part of the problem, but here is a 2018 list of  planned scifi and fantasy series and films dreamed of. And WHAT a list!

Sure, there’s a market and investors and actors and an industry needing the work – and many series and movies are becoming less sexist and open to identification on a human level, which is a relief – but it’s hard not to see this collective drive as one long Creative Scream for another world. A manageable world. With comprehensible endings and right beginnings. With coherent reality. With identifiable villains. With heroes of human strengths and weaknesses. Just something other than this mess of an Earth, which many are seeing at present.

Reading all of the – yes – phantastic synopsises makes me pine for something else, too. Something beyond the escape of controllable reality.

It makes me feel like quitting writing, myself. What’s the use? Allegorical stories of desperation and resolution amount to nothing. Stories of personal empowerment in a predominantly American religiously, sexually repressed society with a focus on personal wealth, the right to kill, “getting there first” etc. Headache pills for me, for readers, to take attention away from the real pain: That life is becoming less manageable for the species. That maybe we are losing the game of civilisation – like the fabled lemmings going uncontrollable towards the edge of the petri dish that is the edge of Earth sustainability.

Dilemma: Not following news, literature, cinema, podcasts, theatre, ballet, sculpture, pictorial art, performance artists, global watch, refugees, poverty… is one less voice added to the collective of voices that realise each others’ existence. One Voice Less is a smaller Earth and one more hand to the military-industrial complex, un-controlled capitalism, un-leashed research and pollution of earth and water and air.

How be at ease, knowing the forces that move?
How be at peace, not knowing?

I know no other solution than to focus on what *I* can most easily understand: My own culture, the pitfalls of my own language and norms, the possible convergences of global destiny as contributed to from the sweet spot of “home”. While avoiding all cultural offerings NOT aiding a global solution. NO MORE avenging lone wolfs. NO MORE gun love. NO MORE violence is the answer. NO MORE single country representing the whole world.

EVERYTHING happens to all. There is ALWAYS another take on things – even if it outside of the frame of the story and the camera. Because of people and curiosity.

But fuck, just saying this makes me tired.

Slut på et samlet EU?

Den hollandske forfatter David VAN REYBROUCK fremlægger en statsmodel, der giver tilfældigt udvalgte borgere ansvar for anbefalinger inden for EU på tværs af parti- og-alle-mulige-andre-skel

I et åbent brev til præsidenten for Europakommissionen, Jean-Clause Juncker, foreslår den hollandske forfatter David VAN REYBROUCK en anden vej til fælles Europa end den gamle model med at lade folk stemme hvert 4-5 år. han mener, at vi kun har indtil Brexit at vågne op, fordi vi risikerer at den europæiske venstredrejning – der giver stemme til en gammel, indestængt vrede forårsaget af flertalsdiktur [også kaldet demokratur] – forårsager en splittelse af Europa.

Artiklen er skrevet lige efter valget af Donald Trump til præsident for USA, og der er derfor måske kun 10 måneder tilbage til at handle i.

global parliament

the global parliament, or Earth Forum, is an idea I have entertained for a few years. In 2012 I called it World Council, (tumblr) (1000stemmer), which in brief was an idea to centralise a fact-gathering of global worries as topics for locals, professionals and other interested to comment on.

I realise I am not the only one speculating in the direction of a community driven council to the people of Earth, but with recent and sudden changes in global stressors I was inspired to finalise a framework comparable to community service.

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The World Council of 12.12.21

The World Council of 12.12.21*

On an internet page in a forum-like environment make a Claim of concern affecting everyone, as you see it. Then pin-point your cause for alarm with your choice of evidence, give advice as to a solution and have the rest of the world contest or support it.

This is a World Council.


IF you are interested in developing this idea, or you want to use the idea, please pool your energies with your peers. I will gladly work with you, if the frame stays as simple as below: “A Body of Advice”, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to just develop the idea as a National Body of Advice, or a local, company, or institutional BoA, be my guest.

krabat at menneske dot dk


TWC, The World Council of 12.12.21

TWC is not a World Government, it is a Council. A Body of Advice consisting of all the people in the world interested in arguing the importance and relevance of a specific conflict, occurrence, plan or methodology to the World as a whole – a CLAIM pin-pointed to and argued by a named individual.

Location: Web server

Access: All

Participant Claim [in a forum like over-view, but very easy to get the gist of every single-line entry]:

– Name the essence of your claim [eg. Palo Alto dam, Locust, AIDS, Child Soldiers, Fascism, Internet LockDown, X-country, Education, US Security Policy, Crude Oil etc.] Be very precise.

– Brief Synopsis [(Locusts) ”in Sudan”, (Fascism) ”on the March i X-country”, (Education) ”is more important than food as seen over time”, (X-country): ”War is brewing, oil threatened”, etc] Be personal, but global in mind.

– Country of origin of the Claim [if relevant]

– Year/date of Claim

– Year(/date) of origin of Claim

– Claim in brief [reason for relevance to the whole world]

– Evidence [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc. in links]

evidence synopsis [”Finds pointing to connection between …”, ”Sartre’s position on the matter, etc] You don’t have to prove all and everything; just point to the matter with a relevant explanation and let the rest of the world do theirs.

– Advice [in brief]

— suggested solution

— perceived consequences of your Advice

— requisites of execution of Advice

timeframe until Claim resolved at best

– Opposition to Claim [in brief]

— Evidence to the opposite [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc]

— [no advice from opposition, but the option to make a counterclaim][Possibly deleting opposition? See below.]

– Support of Claim [in brief]

— Evidence to support [History, Science, Philosophy, Video etc]

— [no advice from opposition, but the option to make a counterclaim][Possibly deleting opposition? See below.]

– Counter-Claim

— It is better to state you own Claim, if you absolutely disagree with a Claim, rather than argue inside a Claim-thread.



– you earn more characters to describe support or opposition with (initially 500?)

– you will be peer reviewed on a scale from 1 to 99 – based on:

  • from realistic to hogwash;
  • relevance to the world at large;
  • timeframe realistic;
  • requisites realistic;
  • WAS it support or really a counterclaim

— your claim is greyed out on global view, if relevance falls below a threshold relevant to the Globe, but stays visible within your national ISP-sphere (VPN permitted?)

– only 6 claims a year the first year for all

— if rating rises above xx, more claim reports are awarded from the second year and on.

– reviews of a claim will show to be from supporters or opposition[possibly via a 2 or 3D clickable matrix rather than separate click boxes]

– If you make a counterclaim, your voiced opposition to a claim is greyed out.

— [how make connection between opposition to a claim and actual counterclaim?][Is it necessary to grey out opposition? Possibly to reduce info load for users?]

– A Claim is never “right” or “wrong”. A Claim is initially considered an opinion from a concerned member of the Human Species regarding local/National initiatives of importance or immanent danger to all humans. Peers can come to regard a Claim as of lesser importance/not immediately relevant to the Globe, or as too subjective or just plain silly, or as trolling – all expressed in review by numbers as stated above.


FIXED TAGS, only a few pr. claim (preferably just one?)




















* The World Council of 12.12.21 – I believe the world is NOT coming to an end, but a fresh beginning could take its course from this date. You know – sympathetic magic:

Input fear, get fear.
Input positivity, get positivity.

Very simple.