Theremin evolution: Matroska doll [Matryomin]

Is it need amp and speaker to sound Matryomin? No, but plug in an effects pedal and you are rolling!

Possibly more curious than beautiful, but for Theremin lovers there is no end to tears!

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FAQ about Matryomin

Q.How Matryomin makes the sound without touch?

A.Matryomin is a variation of theremin. When you move your hand to antenna, capacitance between hand with antenna is changed. It acts on the oscillator (changes frequency). This classical method to make sound is called “Beatfrequency” or “Heterodyne”.

Q.What frequency band being used in Matryomin?

A.Around 2MHz. It is the “Radio frequency”. So, Matryomin does not affect health.

Q.What is the power sourse?

A.Matryomin works by battery (size AA alcaline battery *4).

Q.Is it need amp and speaker to sound Matryomin?

A.Matryomin has a built-in amp and speaker. Conect external amp speaker if you need more louder. Matryomin has a lineout (also phone out).

Q.How can I tune Matryomin?

A.It is very easy. “Easy tuning system” helps you to make tuning. Please watch following movie.

Price? 42.000 yen, roughly 2400 kr., US$ 450

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