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har du egne digte i lyd på nettet, eller nogen du vil anbefale, så lade høre fra dig

Do a search for Spoken word

Ubuweb: Mp3 sound poetry
UBU WEB's Fantastiske arkiv for Avantgardepoesi!! Snyd ikke dig selv for et besøg!

Poems by Robert Pinsky
by Robert Pinsky, from NYTBR
In the late afternoon light . . .
by Derek Walcott, from NYTBR
Jigsawpuzzle in Pregnancy
by Christopher Jane Corkery, from Atlantic Monthly
Villanelle After a Burial
by Steven Cramer, from Atlantic Monthly
Owl Pellet
by Erica Funkhouser, from Atlantic Monthly
T.S.Elliot read by himself (from HarperCollins excerpts from their Audio books)

The HarperCollins Listening Room
a variety of authors - Real Audio pieces 6-12 minutes long (beware that all are excerpts and can end abruptly)


live365 spoken word 1
Featuring Hakim Bey, Utah Phillips, Allen Ginsberg, Jello Biafra, Bob Dobbs, Various Artists, William S Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Paul Krassner, Wavy Gravy, Tim Leary, Ken Nordine, George Carlin, Charlies Bukovski, Henry Rollins. If you have a MAC you need MACAST (former MacAmp) or SOUNDMP3 or iTunes from Apple. Instructions for play: Click the live365com icon and chose your MP3-player from your dialogue window, OR open your mp3 player, add this address to your playlist and press play

live365.com spoken word 2
Click to see the whole playlist from live365.com featuring among others Tom Waits, Borroughs, Ginsberg, Kerouac - or click here to go directly to the live365.com URL - or try entering this URL directly into your MP3 streamer

Vocal Velocity
minor place, containing various links to excerpts from Spoken CD's

try this one for a search of various spoken word sources

Jello Biafra
Fan site - hear Jello speak (real audio)


fra http://www.levity.com/corduroy/subterraneansmain.htm#softskull

An Incomplete History of Slam
Slam poetry-- the bully brother of spoken word-- roots itself in Chicago around 1987 with the efforts of Marc Kely Smith, the man behind the movement. This site gives all facets of the history in wonderful detail.
Spoken Word Universe
A wonderful London Productions' server dedicated to the art of spoken word. Many excellent articles and essays included in a monthly essay along with updates on the industry and (of course) related links.
Slam News Service
Breaking down the difficulties of keeping up with such a young art form, this service makes available the information on slam culture that isn't usually accessable via the radio or your local one horse newspaper.
"The Neo-Futurists are an ensemble of artists who write, direct, and perform their own work dedicated to social, political, and personal enlightenment in the form of audience-interactive conceptual theater."
Performance Art Festival
Highlights from last years festival in Cleveland-- the largest festival of its kind in the US-- should give rise to some excitement about what awaits us in the new year.
IUMA's Spoken Word Reviews
Keeping up with the leading edge of the spoken word universe is impossible at best. Luckilly there's a place that does this for you and gives the reveiws that represent perfectly what you're looking for.
Electronic Poetry Center
A creature of Robert Creely's design, this historical site has long inspired the Internet literary community to living up to a solid contribution to the 'net intelligence instead of posting a few links with poems on the side.
Carma Bums International Superhighway - Tour of Words
These guys have been doing the traveling spoken word thing for years. Their site has been growing right along with them and is currently as entertaining as their wild side poetics


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har du egne digte i lyd på nettet, eller nogen du vil anbefale, så lade høre fra dig

Læs Lars Bukdahls gennemgang af lyddigtningen
Man kommer langt omkring, måske hele vejen

Duo, som arbejder kun med improviseret digt og musik

15 grader/timen, af Alarm112
- et projekt af det danske lydensemble efterfølgende en 24-timers lyd og billed-webcast i DR/P1-Lydmurens regi.

Peer Due
digte eller hvad?

DIEM - Danish International Electroacoustic Music
check deres værkliste

Glimtvis hedder sidste århundredes mest vellykkede forsøg på at sætte musik til TK, produceret af drengene bag Dansk Hörfilm. Lyt til et eksempel - Drankeren; swinger det eller hvad!?
Tom Kristensen-Projektet "Et glimt af lykke" er et andet, men meget hyggeligt og meget pænt forsøg på samme, der ikke når Glimtvis til sokkeholderne.

Norge til top
har du egne digte i lyd på nettet, eller nogen du vil anbefale, så lade høre fra dig

Nordic Poem, The
mange prøver på en del norske forfatters noveller og digte

Digterstemmer på LP, MC, CD til top
har du kendskab til CD, LP eller MC, hvad digtere oplæser egne digte,
på dansk eller andre sprog, hører jeg meget gerne fra dig

Antikvarboghandler i Skindergade i København har udgivet 18 CD'er med danske nulevende digtere

"Booktraders LyrikCDer er en serie CDer med oplæsninger af danske forfattere. Der er indtil nu udsendt CDer med Henrik Have, Juliane Preisler, Klaus Høeck, Jess Ørnsbo, Niels Simonsen, Jørgen Sonne, Thorkild Bjørnvig, Asger Schnack, Inger Christensen, Merete Torp, Pia Tafdrup, Peter Laugesen, Pia Juul, Thomas Boberg og Henrik Nordbrandt (to forskellige CDer). Under forberedelse er CDer med Jørgen Gustava Brandt, Klaus Rifbjerg, Jørgen Leth og Per Kirkeby
CDerne koster 125 kr. stykket." (feb 2002)

Borgens Forlag
CD'er med Martin Bigum, Christian yde Frostholm, Benny Andersen, Poul Borum, Peter Laugesen, T.S. Høeg, Morten Søndergaard, Rune T. Kidde, Poul Dissing, Piet Hein, Peter Poulsen

Set hos Gregor Books

1. BOWLES, PAUL reading. A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard: A Double CD Audio Book. Cadmus/Dom America, 1999., New. $29.95
2. ELIOT, T.S. reading. The Waste Land and Other Poems. Caedmon, 1971., Fine in Very Good sleeve w/library name inked out.LP. Includes: Hollow Men, Macavity,Morning at the Window, La Figlia che Piange and others. $35.00
3. THOMAS, Dylan reading. Quite Early One Morning and other Memories. Caedmon, 1960., Near Fine in Near Fine sleeve w/some rubbing & age darkening.LP. Blue+White label w/A Visit to Grandpa's, Holiday Memory,Reminiscence of Childhood. $25.00
4. THOMAS, Dylan reading. Quite Early One Morning and other Memories. Caedmon, Near Fine in Near Fine sleeve w/some rubbing & age darkening.LP. Blue+Green label w/A Visit to Grandpa's, Holiday Memory, Reminiscence of Childhood. $35.00
5. POUND, Ezra reading. Volume 2. Caedmon, 1962., Near Fine exlib in Good sleeve w/rubbing/inked out library mark.LP. Canto XLV,Canto LI, Canto LXXVI (2nd half), Gypsy, Exile's Letter and Canto 99. $45.00
6. THOMAS, Dylan reading. A Child's Christmas in Wales and Five Poems: Volume 1. Caedmon, 1952., Near Fine in Near Fine sleeve w/some rubbing & age darkening.LP. Blue+White label w/Fern Hill,Do Not Go Gentle Into the Good Night,Ballad of the Long Legged Bait and others. $20.00
7. Various poets reading. You're a Hook: 15 year Anniversary of Dial-A-Poem (1968-1983). Giorno Poetry Systems, 1983., Fine in Near Fine sleeve w/some rubbing & creases.LP. Giorno, Burroughs, Anderson, Kaye, Patti Smith, Jim Carroll, Zappa, Ginsberg. $35.00
8. BUKOWSKI, Charles reading. Bukowski Reads His Poetry. Takoma Records, 1980., Near Fine in bright illustrated sleeve w/some rubbing & creases.LP. Includes: Death of an Idiot, Best Love Poem, Shoe Lace, Death,The Rat and others. $50.00
9. ROETHKE, Theodore reading. Words for the Wind: Selections from the Poetry of Theodore Roethke. Folkway Records, 1962., Near Fine exlib in exlib sleeve w/ink,stamps,glue reisdue.LP w/descriptive notes. Includes: The Lady and The Bear,She, The Voice, The Lost Alley, Elegy for Jane and others. $65.00
10. HEMINGWAY, Ernest reading. Ernest Hemingway Reading: Notes by Mary Hemingway & A.E. Hotchner. Caedmon, 1965., Near Fine exlib in exlib sleeve w/ink,stamps,.LP. Includes: Noble Prize Acceptance Speech,The Fifth Column, and others Recorded at Finca Vigia in Cuba 1948-1961. $100.00
11. ELIOT, T.S. reading. T.S. Eliot Reading Poems and Choruses. Caedmon, 1960., 3rd printing. Very Good w/light vinyl wear in Very Good sleeve.LP. Includes: Prufrock, Preludes, Ash Wednesday, Marina, and others. Recorded 9/26/55 in London. $40.00
12. BRAUTIGAN, Richard reading. Listening to Richard Brautigan. Harvest, 1965?., Near Fine in Near Fine jacket w/hole punch mark through.LP. Includes: various artists reading Love Poem,In Watermelon Sugar and others. $250.00
13. FROST, Robert reading. Robert Frost Reads His Poetry. Caedmon, 1956., Near Fine in Near Fine jacket.LP. Includes: Road Not Taken, Reluctance,Why Wait for Science and others. Recorded 5/21/56 Cambridge Mass.. $25.00