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Poets & Poetry
Antiquarian Booksellers specializing in Poetry

Poets & Poetry

Crappy Poet

Fiction Search
Seek them all. The writers.

The Literary Review
Poetry - well commended magazine, expired 97, but still worth the visit

Poetry Webring

Ring of Words 4Poetry from 4anything
find a lot o resources on english speaking poets - including virtual collections, a special section in Irish poetry, your daily or weekly poem and more

Today's poem
Get your daily fix - classical and contemporary

Spoken Word E-Zine
Deep Style Magazine

Understatement of Art and Poetry, The

     North American Review

Writing/Poetry  top

Poetry.com poetry contest

Write ONE poem of 20 lines or less, submit and chance winning §1000

(from http://arttech.about.com/arts/arttech/msub17.htm)

Dramatica Writing Tips
Find some tips for writing better prose at the homepage of the Dramatica Pro software.

The Centerfold Presents Project Equinox
A work-in-progress, founded by Maurice Peterson. A collection of poems from twenty-four nations, promoting world peace.

ebr -electronic book review
An electronic book review, published by Mark Amerika. This Web creation seeks to transform electronic writing. Essays and reviews cogitating the future.

The Electronic Labyrinth
The implications of the hypertext medium for creative writers. A grouping of essays presented by Christopher Keep, Tim McLaughlin, and robin. Nutritious thought.

Engines of Our Ingenuity - No. 335 Erasmus Darwin
John H. Lienhard's brief writing on Erasmus Darwin and technology's effect on poets. Presented by the University of Houston's College of Engineering.

A hundred highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
The Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands, offers an engaging tour of of its historical book culture. Digital images and informative text.

The Interactive Poetry Page - Aha! Poetry
Want to participate in live poetry? Create a poem with which other poets can interact? Visit Ann Cantelow's site for poets

.Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformissions...
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum's investigation of text and writing, expressed in a virtual 3D environment. An interplay of text and space. Explorative thought.

Machine Visions
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum's essay on the aesthetics of electronic textual objects. Part of a longer paper presented at a panel on digital poetics.

Peruse the fundamentals of Web journalizing. Metajournals presents articles and features by diversified contributors. Tips.

Merel Mirage's interactive poem-art creation. The sensing of stories depicted by the symbolic characters of an ancient Chinese poem by Li Po.

The SciFaiku Gallery
Haiku goes sci-fi! Enter a sphere where neoteric technology, sci-fi, and ancient poetry connect. Peruse a gallery of haiku curated by Kirsten Bishop.

this is the e-poets.net
Video-conferencing for performance poets! Join Kurt Heintz in his new teleperformance digs. Peruse the library, technical information, or surf to telepoetic sites.

truth is a moving target
Austrian artist, Erwin Redi's interactive textual work. Sentences sprout from words and phrases, giving form to his collected thoughts on truth, doubt, and belief.

VISPO Langu(im)age
Artist Jim Andrews' Visual poetry investigates the ocular creativity of text as object. Prod, stir, and tame text, tour his gallery, or scrutinize his guest artist.

Envision the concept of a visual encyclopedia of ideas. View non-linguistic forms, developing into a new visual language, in Gary Antonick's multi-disciplined project.

Welcome to the Mind Uploading Page
Create flawless science fiction. Delve into Joe Strout's technical knowledge base on uploading human brain data to cyborg brains. Intriguing.

An exhibit of bookworks created by Jewish artists, applying Jewish themes. A Colophon Gallery exhibit, curated by Judith A. Hoffberg. Awe-inspiring bookwork!

Wr-eye-tings Scratchpad
Burning Press project offering varied works and experiments from the Wr-eye-tings discussion list. Essays, text, visual, and audio representations of writings.

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